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About Us (Lei and Jody Baumgartner) & Our Family
This section contains stuff about Lei and I, including stories that we have each written about our life together, some of the trips we have taken, and other highlights of our lives in the past few years. Many people have said they find them interesting, so we present them for your enjoyment.
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Lei & Jody, Part I (2000): We're getting married!
Lei Comes to the USA, Pt. I: February 2001
Lei Comes to the USA, Pt. II: Spring, 2001
Notes from Armenia: Summer, 2002
Lei's Yahoo Photo Album
Lei & I Holding a Lion! (Spring, 2004?)
Rafting the French Broad River: (Summer, 2004)
Lei's Parachute Story (Summer, 2004)
Lei's Gingerbread House: (Winter, 2005)
Lei's NC CPA Award: (2005)
Lei's Graduation Pictures: (May, 2006)
Lei in the "Daily Reflector": (Summer, 2006)
A Tribute to My Late Stepfather, Alexander Mentz
Some Pictures of My Nephew Jason
"Riding Backwards," by My Dad
A Couple of Newspaper Stories About My Dad
  Jody's Report from Beijing ("PDF")
Jody's Television Commercial Debut (13mb ".MPG")
Jody, Singing Chinese Pop Music (3.5mb ".MP3")
Jody, April, 2005 TV Appearence (24mb ".MPG")
Jody, June 2006, NPR (8mb ".MP3")
Jody, June 2006, NPR (again) (5mb ".MP3")
Jody, March 2010, NPR (again) (3.5mb ".MP3")
Jody's Turkey Gravy Recipe
Jody's Turkey Dressing (Stuffing) Recipe